Should you have chosen to have disregarded this author's warning regarding offensive content, don't be surprised if you find some of the material contained in the un-story disturbing. It should be.

The un-story differs significantly from the original show. If you are a show purist, don't read it.

The un-story is an exploration of the nature of evil -- both its allure and fallibility. It loosely considers the arrival of an anti-christ-like figure in Aparans and an entanglement which could mean Armegeddon for the human race. In every great magickal system, times of transition and great works of dark invocation require the explosion of value systems and acts of sacrifice. I lay conventional morality on the altar.

If you remember nothing else of my warning, please remember that there are no conventional protagonists. Every character in some way is wretched and loathsome. There is no epic battle of good vs. evil. The un-story involves only evil devouring itself, at a comsic level and at an earthly level. There is no character who isn't being used and manipulated by someone or something despite delusions of grandeur.

Evil is often amusing and even alluring but it's far from safe or heroic. The boundary between the horrific face of it and its dark allure is a source of endless fascination. Looking in that face and exploring its power opens the door to perversion and madness. I happen to find that tremendously intriguing.

Aug. 1, 1999

Note - One reader has suggested the un-story makes the most sense if you begin by reading both prologues, then the supplementary Cosmology Notes. I pass the suggestion on for the sake of anyone who finds "sense" to be a thing of value. Explore it in any order you choose.


Image above courtesy of Spirit Online